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Lot 235: Bentley Turbo R

Auction of cars, Historics at Brooklands (24 November 2012)

Every so often we are stopped in our tracks by the human condition. This is the story of the son of a friend of ours: Up until Steven's brain tumour was diagnosed in August 2010 life was normal; he was a happy, outgoing 23 year old who was enjoying life with his friends. All that changed with one sentence "I'm afraid you have a brain tumour". Steven, however, was positive and believed that an operation (albeit brain surgery) would get rid of it and everything would be ok. And so began the appointments at Charing Cross Hospital and a work up to surgery. At the end of September he was scheduled to have the tumour removed but an MRI done on the morning he was having the operation revealed that it would be too dangerous to attempt to remove it because of its location in the Pineal gland. Right in the middle, to you and me. So, in October 2011, he had an appointment to see a consultant in the radiology department and from the amount of people who had gathered in the room it was obvious it was not good news. It turned out to be a malignant germinoma, dangerous yes, but apparently highly responsive to both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Finally, the end appeared to be in sight, it was over and he could start to enjoy life again. His strength gradually returned and the old Steven came back. Sadly so did headaches and blurred vision. Further tests confirmed that it had reformed. The news knocked him sideways but he continued to remain sure that he could beat it. Aggressive treatment began including lumber punctures, stem cell harvesting and more chemotherapy. The fabulous team at the Charing Cross Hospital began to run out of options and so, after many hours of research, Paul Brown, Steven's father, found Dr. Shahinian of the Skull Base Institute in LA, the pioneer of endoscopic brain surgery. He has successfully carried out more than 4,500 fully endoscopic brain surgeries and works alongside NASA to develop the next generation in endoscopic tools. Following a Skype consultation, he has agreed to operate at the limit of his expertise. We just have to get him there.... This car has been donated by another friend to help raise the funds required; it is down to you now to put your hands in your pockets and help Steven. This is a Bentley Turbo R in factory Tudor Red with a contrasting magnolia interior and red piping. It has a rare factory option of an electric sunroof and leather headlining and 'toproll' or dash top (normally Ambla unless specified). It is in good condition throughout and comes with an MoT test certificate valid until September, 2013. Donations can be made via a dedicated website, and all fees and commissions from Historics are going back into the pot. As Steven's father said to me this morning, "Imagine if it were your son..." Interested parties might like to know that Mr. Branson has now heard of Stevens efforts and immediately instructed his staff to make four return tickets on Virgin Atlantic to be made available to Steven and his immediate family. Thankyou Richard...

Lot Details
Auction Auction of cars
Historics at Brooklands, Brooklands
Lot Number235
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£6160
Condition rating
Registration numberB20 RBO
Chassis numberSCB2R04A9LCH32524
Engine number71842L41OUTEL
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors4