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Lot 154: Volkswagen Karmann Beetle Conversion

Carfest North Pride & Joy Auction, Silverstone Auctions (4 August 2013)

Karmann had a long association was Volkswagen, the Karmann Cabriolets had seating for four occupants which made them much more appealing to motorists seeking an economical, yet stylish means of transportation. The Karmann cabriolet, for the most part, mirrored the development of the Beetle during its lifespan, both mechanically and in body features. The folding top mechanism maintained its distinctive appearance. When in the lowered position, the top sat on the rear deck, covered with a canvas boot. We are informed by the vendor that this particular Karmann Beetle convertible was subject to a complete rebuild and refurbishment in 2010 by an established Volkswagen restorer and enthusiast from Lincolnshire, of which there is photographic documentation. Importantly we are told this car carries a factory Karmann chassis number thus identifying it as the genuine article. Refinished in a unique colour combination of Red and Black this VW is guaranteed to turn heads. The two tone paintwork glimmers and has been finished to a very high level, the sills are corrosion free and both strengthening support rails unique to this car have also been replaced. The beautifully clean flat four engine runs extremely well and starts instantly. There are no noises or leaks from the suspension and the gear changes are classic Beetle. Sold with a long MOT this car is a family fun icon that's a hoot to drive, cheap to maintain and run with a fabulous parts and club support. Affordable, open top motoring really doesn't get any better than this.

Lot Details
Auction Carfest North Pride & Joy Auction
Silverstone Auctions, Oulton Park, Cheshire
Lot Number154
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating2
Registration numberOOO 316P
Chassis number158397678
Engine numberF1122525
Engine capacity (cc)1600
Engine - cylinders4
Number of doors