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Lot 161: Plymouth Prowler

Carfest North Pride & Joy Auction, Silverstone Auctions (4 August 2013)

The Prowler was designed as a 'heritage concept' (the phrase 'Retro' being banned by Bob Eaton, Chairman of Chrysler Corporation) following the Viper Project.� With the extensive use of aluminium construction and composite materials, the weight savings were such that it was deemed unnecessary to use a heavy V8 for power when a lightweight V6 would give ample performance and improved economy.� The Chip Foose styling evoked the look of the American Hot Rod, these cult vehicles of the post-war American automotive culture themselves often based on cut-down pre-war roadsters and coup�s.� Shown as a concept at the 1993 Detroit show, the reaction was so favourable that three years later a production version was displayed with limited customer deliveries for the following year.� Demand was such that production recommenced in 1999 with an upgraded 3.5-litre V6 and continued until 2002 with various colour options becoming available other than the original "Prowler Purple". We are informed by the vendor that this 1998 model year example, finished in Prowler Purple was imported to the UK as a new car in 1999, it was purchased by the vendor unregistered and subsequently put through SVA type approval and as such is road legal and registered in the UK . To conform, the motorcycle headlamps and indicators were fitted, these being removable to return it to original specification. Since registration the car has been used very little other than shows and Sunday afternoon drives hence it's extremely low mileage, sold with a fresh MOT this Prowler with its retro hod rod looks is sensational and has to be one of the most unusual cars to auction here this weekend.

Lot Details
Auction Carfest North Pride & Joy Auction
Silverstone Auctions, Oulton Park, Cheshire
Lot Number161
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating0
Registration numberT201 UBA
Chassis number1PEW65G1XV501392
Engine numberAA140664
Engine capacity (cc)3000
Engine - cylinders6
Number of doors