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Cropredy Bridge Garage

Cropredy Bridge Garage remains a trustedresource for Jensen car owners and is always happy to offer help and advice over the telephone or via email.Following its acquisition by Gama Cars Limited on the 1st June 2011, Cropredy Bridge Garage is in the exclusive position of benefiting from all of the Gama teams’ experience and resource, backed by its own historic pedigree.

Cropredy Bridge welcomes all visitors whether you are a Jensen car owner, or simply considering one for the future. There is always something interesting to see in the garage workshops and you will leave with a renewed enthusiasm for the Jensen marque!
Contact Details
Address: Riverside Works
Williamscot Lane
Cropredy (near Banbury)
OX17 1PQ
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44(0) 1295 758 159

This contact is held under the following classifications:
  • Restoration
  • Servicing
  • Parts
  • Repair
  • Sales
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