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Terry's Jaguar Parts

We started in Business in the Basement of our home in 1976, now we occupy three warehouses with over 10,000 square feet filled with quality parts to serve all Jaguar enthusiasts. We've also expanded from just offering new parts, to remanufacturing parts and used parts for those jaguar parts that are no longer available. Add all this to our years of experience years in Vintage Racing, and you have one of the most knowledgeable Jaguar parts suppliers in this country.

Why not give us a call. We have many pleasant surprises for the Jaguar enthusiast looking for scarce or no longer available parts, and our catalog is considered one of the most extensive in the business.

Contact Details
Address: 5850 Stadium Drive
MI 49009
United States of America
Telephone: 800-851-9438
Fax: 618-438-2371

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  • Brake components
  • General parts
  • Engines and engine parts
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