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1-Aug-2003An Important Sale of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars and Related AutomobiliaNewport, Newport
1-May-2004An Important Sale of Collectors' Motor Cars, Motorcycles, featuring the Apie Venter Collection of Find Motor CarsBrookline, Massachusetts
15-Aug-2003Important Collectors' Motor CarsQuail Lodge, Carmel
10-Oct-2003An Important Sale of collectors' Motor Cars and Automobilia to include the H. Lee and Elizabeth Turner CollectionWren Dale Golf Club, Hershey
8-Nov-2003An Important Sale of Collectors' Motorcycles and AutomobiliaSunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
8-Oct-2004An Important Sale of Collectors' Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaHershey, Pennsylvania
20-Aug-2004Fine Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars and Related AutomobiliaQuail Lodge Resort and Golf Club Carmel, California
18-Sep-2004An important sale of Fine Early American and European Motor CarsThe Wiglesworth Automotive Collection, Shawnee, Kansas
13-Aug-2004An Important Sale of Collectors' Motor CarsQuail Lodge Resort and Golf Club, Carmel, California
29-Jul-2005RROC Annual MeetGreenwich, CT
13-Nov-2004An important sale of collectors' MotorcyclesPeterson Automotive Museum, Los Angeles
30-Apr-2005Collectors' Motor CarsLarz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline
6-Oct-2005An Important Sale of Fine Automobilia and ToysHotel Hershey, Hershey, PA
14-May-2005The George Barris CollectionPetersen Museum, Los Angeles
19-Aug-2005Quail Lodge Motor CarsQuail Lodge, Carmel, CA
12-Nov-2005Sale of Collectors' MotorcyclesPetersen Museum, Los Angeles, CA
6-May-2006Collectors Motor Cars, Motorcycles & AutomobiliaLarz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline, MA
21-Jul-2006Fine Rolls Royce, Bentley, & Pre-War Motor CarsOak Brook Bath & Tennis Club, Oak Brook, Illinois.
18-Aug-2006Sale Of Collectors' Motor Cars and AutomobiliaQuail Lodge, Carmel, California
5-Oct-2006Sale Of Fine Automobilia And ToysHershey, Pennsylvania,
11-Nov-2006Sale Of Collectors' Motorcycles & MemorabiliaPeterson Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California.
23-Sep-2006The Frank Cooke CollectionMassachusetts
15-Aug-2007Collectors' Motorcars and AutomobiliaQuail Lodge Resort & Golf Club, Carmel, California
10-Nov-2007Collectors' Motorcycles and Related MemorabiliaThe Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California
21-Apr-2007An Important Sale Of Collectors MotorCarsMassachusetts
5-May-2007The Legend of the Motorcycle SaleThe Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, California
30-Jun-2007The Jack Hogan Collection of Ford MotorcarsAurora, Oregon
21-Jun-2008Exceptional Motor CarsRhode Island, USA
11-Oct-2008Important Motor CarsMassachusetts, USA
8-Nov-2008Important Motorcycles and Related MemorabiliaLos Angeles, California, USA
3-May-2008Motorcycles featuring Michael Corbin CollectionThe Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California
15-Aug-2008Exceptional Motor CarsQuail Lodge, Carmel
7-Jun-2009Sale of Collectors' Motorcars and AutomobiliaGreenwich, Connecticut
8-May-2009Sale of Exceptional Motorcycles and MemorabiliaQuail, Carmel California, U.S.A.
8-May-2010Exceptional Motorcycles and Related MemorabiliaCarmel, CA
11-Sep-2009America's Car Museum SaleTacoma, Washington
14-Aug-2009Exceptional Motorcars and related MemorabiliaQuail, Carmel, Calaifornia, U.S.A.
14-Nov-2009California ClassicThe Petersen Automotive Museum Los Angeles
12-Sep-2010Collectors MotorcarsWestport, CT
14-Nov-2009Motorcycle and MotorcarsLos Angeles
6-Jun-2010Exceptional Collectors' Motor CarsGreenwich, Connecticut
13-Aug-2010Exceptional Motorcars And AutomobiliaQuail Lodge, CA
13-Nov-2010Classic CaliforniaThe Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles
6-Jan-2011The Las Vegas Motorcycle SaleThe Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino
18-Aug-2011Exceptional Motorcars and MotorcyclesQuail Lodge, Carmel, California
14-May-2011Collectors' MotorCycles and Related MemorabiliaCarmel, California
5-Jun-2011Exceptional Collectors' Motor CarsGreenwich, Connecticut
19-Aug-2011Exceptional Motorcars - Session IIIQuail Lodge, Carmel, California
19-Sep-2010Exceptional Motorcars and MotorcyclesExceptional Motorcars and Motorcycles
17-Sep-2011Collectors' Motor Cars and AutomobiliaWestport, Conneticut
12-Nov-2011Collectors' MotorCycles, Motorcars and AutomobiliaPetersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California
17-Aug-2012MotorcarsCarmel, California, UK
19-Jan-2012The Scottsdale SaleArizona, Scottsdale
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