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11-Oct-1997Classic Cars and MotorcyclesCambridge sales centre, Cambridge
14-Jul-1998Classic CarsChilford Hall, Linton
10-Apr-1999Classic Cars and MotorcyclesCambridge sales centre, Cambridge
11-Mar-2000Classic CommercialsNewark sales centre, Newark
8-Apr-2000Classic Cars and MotorbikesChilford Hall, Linton
29-Apr-2000Classic TractorsSutton sales room, Sutton
25-Aug-2001Sale of vintage tractorsHarrogate Sale Rooms, Harrogate
7-Apr-2001Classic CarsChilford Hall, Linton
27-Jan-2001Classic tractorsSpalding sales centre, Spalding
17-Mar-2001TractorsDonnington sales centre, Donington
28-Apr-2001TractorsEly Sale Rooms, Ely
23-Jun-2001Vintage & Classic Cars & MotorcyclesOld Warden Aerodrome, Biggleswade
13-Oct-2001Sale of Classic CarsChilford Hall, Linton
27-Oct-2001Sale of Vintage TractorsEly Sale Rooms, Ely
1-Dec-2001Sale of Classic CarsChilford Hall, Linton
14-Jul-2001Teat collection of vintage and classic tractorsAttleborough Sale Room, Attleborough
27-Apr-2002Vintage and classic commercial vehicles, crawlers and tractorsEly Sale Rooms, Ely
24-Aug-2002Steam Engines, vintage and classic tractorsHarrogate Sale Rooms, Harrogate
26-Oct-2002Steam engines, vintage and classic tractorsEly Sale Rooms, Ely
16-Mar-2002Vintage and Classic Commercial vehiclesKing's Bush Centre, Godmanchester
6-Apr-2002Vintage & Classic Cars, Motorcycles & CommercialKing's Bush Centre, Godmanchester
28-Oct-2000Steam, Vintage & Classic Tractor SaleSutton sales room, Sutton
2-Sep-2000Vintage & Classic CarsChilford Hall, Linton
15-Jun-2002Vintage and Classic Tractors, The Morris 'Buzzy' Bush CollectionStubb Lane, Bungay
6-Jul-2002Collection of J.B & D Jolley - TractorsDoddington, March
26-Jul-2003Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaShuttleworth House, Old Warden
7-Jun-2003Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaDuxford Aerodrome, Duxford
12-Oct-2002Showmans Engines, Fairground Rides and vehiclesKing's Bush Centre, Godmanchester
23-Nov-2002Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and automobiliaKing's Bush Centre, Godmanchester
26-Apr-2003Steam engines, vintage and classic tractors, commercial vehicles, stationary engines, literature, bygones etc.Sutton sales room, Sutton
2-Dec-2000Vintage and Classic Cars and MotorcyclesKing's Bush Centre, Godmanchester
21-Sep-2002Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaShuttleworth Park, Biggleswade
22-Jun-2002Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaShuttleworth Park, Biggleswade
18-May-2002Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaBrands Hatch, Brands Hatch
15-Mar-2003Vintage and Classic Commercials, Military and 4x4Cambridge sales centre, Cambridge
5-Apr-2003Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaKing's Bush Centre, Godmanchester
25-Oct-2003Steam Engines, Vintage and Classic Tractors, Commercial Vehicles, Stationary Engines, Literature, Bygones etcSutton sales room, Sutton
29-Jul-2000Classic and Vintage Vehicles and AutomobiliaOld Warden Aerodrome, Biggleswade
17-May-2003Vintage TractorsToddington, Toddington
4-Oct-2003Vintage and Classic cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaDuxford Aerodrome, Duxford
16-Aug-2003Vintage and Classic Tractors at the Great Yorkshire Showground, HarrogateHarrogate Sale Rooms, Harrogate
3-Apr-2003Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaWood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester
29-Nov-2003Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and AutomobiliaDuxford Aerodrome, Duxford
12-Jun-2004Vintage & Classic Cars and motorcyclesThe Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire
17-Jul-2004Steam Engines, Vintage & Classic TractorsCambridge sales centre, Cambridge
21-Aug-2004Steam Engines, Vintage & Classic Tractors.Harrogate Sale Rooms, Harrogate
23-Oct-2004Steam Engines, Vintge & Classic TractorsEly Sale Rooms, Ely
27-Nov-2004Vintage & Classic Cars, Motorcycles & AutomobiliaDuxford Aerodrome, Duxford
3-Apr-2004Vintage & Classic CarsGodmanchester, Nr Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
2-Oct-2004Vintage and Classic Cars
16-Oct-2004Vintage Tractors and Steam engine Dept
4-Dec-2004Vintage and Classic Cars and MotorcyclesKingsbush Centre, Godmanchester
15-Jan-2005Vintage and Classic Cars, Motorcycles and Automobilia
1-Apr-2005Vintage and Classic MotorcyclesRowley Mile Racecourse, Newmarket
2-Apr-2005Vintage and Classic CarsRowley Mile Racecourse, Newmarket
11-Jun-2005Classic Motorcycles and AutomobiliaSutton, Nr Ely, Cambs
16-Oct-2010Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
8-Apr-2006Vintage & Classic Motorcycles & AutomobiliaSutton, Ely.
15-Jul-2006MotorcyclesSutton, Nr Ely
14-Oct-2006Vintage & Classic TractorsSutton, Ely.
22-Apr-2006Vintage & Classic TractorsSutton Nr Ely, Cambs
28-Oct-2006Vintage & Classic motorcyclesSutton, Ely
19-Aug-2006Vintage & classic TractorsSutton, Ely
14-Jul-2007Sale of MotorcyclesSutton
18-Aug-2007Vintage & Classic Tractors, Stationary EnginesYork
21-Apr-2007Vintage & Classic Tractors, MotorcyclesSutton Nr Ely Cambridgeshire
28-Oct-2007Vintage & Classic MotorcyclesEly Cambridgeshire
8-Mar-2008Bristol Vintage Sale
26-Apr-2008Vintage MotorCyclesSutton, Nr Ely, Cambs
7-Mar-2009Bristol VintageBristol
18-Jul-2009Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
22-Aug-2009Harrogate Vintage SaleHarrogate
25-Apr-2009Cambridge VintageCambridge
16-Oct-2009Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
19-Feb-2011Bristol Vintage SaleBristol
24-Apr-2010Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
20-Aug-2011Harrogate Vintage SaleHarrogate
15-Oct-2011Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
16-Apr-2011Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
20-Oct-2012MotorcyclesCambridge, UK
23-Jul-2011Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
28-Jul-2012Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge
19-Oct-2013Vintage SaleCambridge, UK
27-Apr-2013Cambridge Vintage SaleCambridge, UK
17-Aug-2012MotorcyclesHarrogate, UK
23-Feb-2013MotorcyclesBristol, UK
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