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Details of the AEROCARENE 700 three-wheel car are quite scarce, but it was another of the French post WWII attempts to produce a small, economical car.  Whether it actually appeared as a prototype seems to be in doubt, but a very well distributed artist's sketch materialised to illustrate this quite unique streamlined little beauty?  The car was basically built in two major sections, namely the chassis and an unusual sliding upper portion of body that allowed passenger access and obviated the need for conventional doors.

The chassis:
This had one rear wheel, driven by a 4CV engine that reputedly gave it a top speed of 82 mph.  The driver and passenger sat in side-by-side seats with a normal dashboard and steering wheel in front of them. Forward of the dashboard was a large tray with the spare wheel lying horizontally on it. This was covered when the sliding part of the body was closed.  The 'fixed', roof high rear body tapered slightly towards the rear to form a complete cover for the back of the car. There was a small fixed 'D' shaped window in each side above the waistline.  The two front wheels had rounded spats that fitted snugly over them, hiding all but the bottom portion of the tyre and each spat had a headlamp blended into the top that followed the direction that the wheels were pointed.

The one piece sliding upper body:
This was comprised of the tapering bonnet with a 'V' windscreen and two large side windows, topped by a transparent roof.  Sliding this portion forward exposed the seats and the spare wheel.  One basic fault with any car that opens in this way is that getting into the car in a heavy rain storm would naturally make the passenger compartment uncomfortably wet in places that a roof and conventional doors would protect.  When closed, the plan view of the body portion resembled an ellipse that tapered steeply to a small radius at both ends.

The complete plan outline, with separate spatted wheels was elected as the car's logo.

Source: Reg J. Prosser

Models produced by Aerocarene

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