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ALLARD J2X Replica

Allard Cars started life in England in the mid 1930's when Sidney Allard built Ford V8 powered trials cars, originally for his own use and later in limited numbers to customer's requirements as demand for similar cars were received. After WWII, the Allard Motor Company was set-up to produce a range of competition two seaters, drophead coupes and saloons that proved their worth both in road and track events, entering the Le Mans 24 hour race and winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1952. But they were best known in European and North American racing circles for the Type J2X two seater roadsters, with their cycle type front wings, of which 83 examples were built between 1951 and 1954. These very successful cars combined a strong steel chassis made in England, fitted with powerful V8 or V12 American engines.

When Allard ceased production of cars, it was the J2X that was missed most, especially in America, where they performed so well in events at Watkins Glen and Pebble Beach. In 1999, Roger P. Allard who, although by coincidence has the same surname, but has no ties with the original Allard manufacturers family whatsoever, founded the Allard Motor Works in Montreal, Canada to produce an updated replica of the Allard J2X Mk1. He has succeeded in producing a replica to a very high standard that has the full support of the original Allard family and is also recognised by the Allard Register. Authentic Allard badges are used and although the specification has been radically improved, it is virtually indistinguishable in appearance from the original car. The hand-crafted fibreglass body, that has a metal engine cover, is available in colours unique to the time when the J2X was originally built and is finisherd to 'Show' quality. It is mounted on a powder-coated tubular steel CAD-designed chassis that has double roll-bars in the scuttle and around the fuel tank. There are shock absorbtion areas, the doors have side impact bars and there are built-in external roll bars behind the two seats. The wheelbase has been increased from 100" to 106", which allowed the cockpit to be extended to give more leg room. Upholstery and extra's include adjustable leather 'bucket' seats (replacing the original bench seat) and leather door panels - with storage compartments built-in - complimented by colour coded all weather carpets to cockpit and boot, with Allard floor mats. A colour coded tonneau cover is fitted, but full weather hood and side screens and/or a lightweight rigid top are available to order. 'Aero' racing screens are fitted, although a full width windscreen with wipers is also available as an optional extra. On left-hand drive cars,the machine turned instrument panel sits in the double 'hump' of the sports styled dashboard and has a 5" tachometer with an integrated clock in the centre of the left 'hump', flanked on its left by a voltmeter and an oil pressure guage. To the right of the tachometer, a fuel guage and a water temperature guage. Each side of the water guage is the push-start button and a combined horn and high/low headlamp switch. Between the 'humps' is a toggle headlight switch and a navigator light switch. A 5" speedometer/ odometer is positioned in the centre of the right-hand 'hump'. The steering wheel rim can be either walnut or mahogany and the collapsible steering column is capable of adjustment for length and height. The cars are available with either left or right hand steering and the speedometer will always be in front of the passenger. On the steering column, below the steering wheel, is a stalk mounted turn-indicator switch and a hazard warning switch.

The normal engine is a fuel-injected General Motors Ram Jet PFI engine with either dual tailpipes or side-mounted exhausts. A 5-speed manual Tremec TKO gearbox is fitted. Optional engines can be fitted to customers' requirements.

Performance: 1/4 mile approximately 110 mph with 0-60 of approximately 4.6 seconds.
Brakes: Front: 13" diameter 4-piston vented discs. Rear: Inboard 13" diameter 4-piston vented discs.
Suspension: Front: Independent unequal length wishbone. Rear: Independent coil-over with 9" centre section. With 6-position adjustable shock absorbers in coil springs.
The wire wheels (plus one side mounted spare) are 16" five bolt 72-spoke Dayton alloys.
The 12Volt electrical system has two auxilliary power sources.

Length: 14' 3" (4240mm)
Width: 5' 7" (1700mm)
Height: 3' 8" (1120mm

Nothing has been compromised to make this the ultimate retro-look sports racing/touring car one of the finest available and it will be welcomed by racing enthusiasts wherever it goes.

The Allard will be assembled in Champlain, NY, USA.

Source: Reg J. Prosser

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