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Antique & Classic Automotive


Anyone who knows the fringe car scene soon learns the coded messages of company names, and 'Antique & Classic' means fibreglass copies on proprietary running gear.  Founded in 1972, this company essayed copies of the Frazer-Nash TT and SS100 on 1.6 litre VW Beetle chassis.  By 1979 it was making inept Beetle-powered parodies of the Bugatti Type 35B, a 1931 Alfa Romeo, and a Bentley-ish pastiche which, even by the firm's standards, was pretty awful.  In the late 1980s it was making reasonable imitation 'Jaguar XK120s' and 'SS100s', with a range of engine options from the Ford Pinto 'four' to Ford V8s.

Models produced by Antique & Classic Automotive

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