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The Autocrat began life as a cyclecar powered by an air-cooled V-twin Peugeot engine, followed quickly by a water-cooled Jap, also a V-twin.  The Peugeot was mounted with its cylinders fore and aft and the crankshaft transverse, as on the early G.M. , but the Jap was mounted in the usual way, with the crankshaft in line with the frame.  Both models had bullnose radiators, that on the air-cooled car being a dummy.  The people behind the company were both women, Ivy Rogers and a Miss Howell.

Postwar Autocrats were made in a different factory, but still in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham.  At £875 in 1920, it was one of the most expensive light cars on the market.  Electric starting and saloon bodies were available by 1923, but production from 1924 to 1926 appears to have been on a very small scale.  The company was taken over by Calthorpe in 1926, but they were in trouble themselves, and the Autocrat factory was closed in the same year. 

Only one Autocrat is known to survive.

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