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Bajaj can trace its origins back to 1945 and it began importing Piaggio 3-wheelers into India as early as 1948.  It won a licence to build these from 1959, as well as scooters.  Its main three-wheeled output was miniature trucks and rickshaws, and it also produced the German Temp 3-wheeled truck.  It made a new break with the Tempo Trax range of rugged off-road utility vehicles.  Power came from a 2.4 litre ACT turbodiesel engine developing 88bhp and a wide range of body styles was available, from double-cab to 4-door convertible.  The resemblance to a Mercedes G-Wagen was not overly cheeky, as many of the mechanical components derived from Mercedes.  Subsequent versions came with a variety of bodywork, including a 6-door limousine and glassfibre-bodied Matador.  Both 2- and 4-wheel drive systems could be fitted. 

Other than scooters, in 1998 the only passenger cars being made were the Autorickshaw 3-wheeler and the Trax range.

Models produced by Bajaj

Tempo Viking


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