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The 'Baker Motor Vehicle Company' at Cleveland, Ohio, swore by cars equipped with electric engines.  In 1899, Walter C. Baker and Fred R. White built their first car.  That same year, the Belgian Camille Jenatzy broke the world speed record by achieving a speed of 65mph (105kph) in his 'Jamais Contente'.  Jenatzy's car was powered by an electric engine, just like the first (and last) Baker.  The Baker Electric was originally a small, lightweight two-seater.  In 1910 and 1911, some bigger four-seaters were also built.  Baker tried to break the world speed record for motorcars several times.  His cars, however, had to give up all the time before the top speed was achieved.  On one occasion the car went into the crowd, killing two spectators.  Baker managed to sell electric cars until 1916.  Then the curtain fell for his company.

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