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Founded in 1951, Eduardo Barreiros first produced a number of trucks and especially, diesel engines, which were much needed in Spain.  In 1963 he signed a contract with Chrysler to build the Dodge Dart in Spain as the Barreiros Dart, the largest Spanish postwar car.  A special Spanish version called the 3700 GT had rectangular headlamps, a different radiator grill and a 4-speed gearbox, as well as disc brakes on all wheels. 

From 1966 the Simca 1000 was also produced in Madrid.  In 1969 the Barreiros brothers had to leave the company, which passed to the Chrysler European Division.  Later, the same factory built the Simca 1200 and Chrysler 150 and 180.  In 1978 the company was sold to the emerging Peugeot-Citroen Group, which built the Talbot 150/180, Horizon and Samba models at Madrid, and in 1999 was still producing Peugeot models.  The truck division was sold to Renault.

Models produced by Barreiros

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