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A keen and competitive rider of Scott 2-stroke motorcycles in his early years, Barrington Budd was inspired to design a 3-cylinder 2-stroke car engine, which he completed in 1929.  Having tested this form for more than two years in an old Austin Seven, he then produced a prototype car, fitted with a 2/4-seater open body of amateur construction utilising aluminium panelling over a light ash frame.  This chassis frame was specially produced by Rubery Owen and many fitments were of his own manufacture.  This gave excellent service, but the 782cc engine was deemed insufficient to carry full 4-seater coachwork and the second prototype was of over 900cc.  This was to be known as the Nimble Nine, but Holbrooks Coachworks refused to supply the fashionable 2-door saloon body ordered by Budd unless payments was made in advance, and it was run only in chassis form.  After 1936 no further activity was undertaken though strenuous efforts were made to sell the design to Austin, Citroen and others.  Budd used the first car successfully up to World War II, covering over 100,000 miles.

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