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Bentall were agricultural engineers with a history dating back to 1797, and are still in business today. They began small-scale production of cars in 1906, starting with two twins of 9 and 11hp and a 16/20hp 4-cylinder car. These had over-square engine dimensions (100 x 95mm), which put them at a disadvantage in a tax system whereby the rate was decided on the bore alone. Nevertheless, quite a number were sold, mostly to farmers who were familiar with Bentall’s reputation in the agricultural field, though some went abroad. One of the last, a 1912 16/20 cabriolet, was bought by the MP for Maldon. The Delaunay-Belleville-like round radiators were made in France, and the cars were supplied in chassis form only. Most bodies came from W.F. Thorn of Islington, Munnions of Chelmsford, and Adams of Colchester. About 100 Bentalls were made, of which one survives today.

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