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Walter Bersey was an electrical engineer who built an electric bus in 1888, but his first passenger cars were not made until 1895. They resembled motorised horse carriages, and may well have been so. The bodies were by Arthur Mulliner of Northampton and power was provided by twin motors, a 2-speed gearbox with clutch (unusual in an electric), and chain final drive. Three of these carriages ran in the London-Brighton Emancipation Run in November 1896, though it was widely rumoured that they completed the journey by train. This was finally confirmed by Walter Bersey in a speech to the Veteran Car Club in 1935. More famous than his private cars were Bersey’s taxis of which 75 ran in London between the end of 1897 and June 1900. They had bodies by either Mulliner or the Gloucester Railway Carriage & Waggon Company. No Bersey private carriage is known to survive, but a taxi can be seen in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Bersey himself turned to petrol, selling Delahaye and Darracq cars.

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