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These cars were sometimes known under the full name of their maker, Noë Boyer, and sometimes a plain Boyer, but Monsieur Boyer's motorcar manufacturing activities are much more complicated than this. There were factories in Suresnes and Puteaux, and cars marketed as Phébus, Prunel, Gnome, Gracile and JP, along with Boyer, emerged from different doors of these plants, sometimes within the same period. Noë had learnt his trade as a director of the Phébus branch of bicycle makers Clément, Gladiator and Humber (France) Ltd, and seems to have revelled in the complexity created by that organisation when he went his own way.

The cars themselves were however conventional and, the engines apart, these were advertised as being made entirely "in our own works". Early models were chain-drive, but shaft-drive was introduced towards the end of 1902. The power units used were mainly Aster or De Dion Bouton for the single-cylinder cars, whilst the twins were Buchet powered. Four-cylinder cars were introduced during 1903, but under whatever name, the business had failed by the end of 1906.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Models produced by Boyer

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