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This company grew out of Harry Carver’s Cycle Works, founded in 1887, and from around 1900 carried on repairs of motorcycles and cars, becoming agents for De Dion-Bouton and MMC cars in 1902. In 1905 they built their first car. They were assembled vehicles with chassis by Malicet et Blin and engines by Ballot or White & Poppe. The former were of 16/20 or 24/30hp and the latter 12 and 14hp. All had 4-cylinder T-head units. Bodies were by the local firm Raworth & Co. Bridgewater production ran to no more than 11 or 12 cars that were mostly sold locally. The company then returned to selling a variety of makes of car, their association with Austin lasting for 40 years. They turned to selling Renaults in 1980 and closed down in 1994.

Models produced by Bridgwater


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