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CAR (Cosmos)


This was a most unusual light car powered by a 3-cylinder air-cooled ohv radial engine of 1206cc, designed by Roy Fedden (1885 – 1973) who had been responsible for the prewar Straker-Squire. Transmission was by a 3-speed gearbox and shaft drive to a different-less rear axle. Suspension was by the Adams system in which centrally mounted coil springs were connected to the axles by long arms with bell crank levers. In 1920 the Bristol Aeroplane Co. Showed an interest in the design, and an output of 200 cars per week, to sell at 200 guineas (£210) was forecast, but cancellation of the project put an end to hopes of Cosmos production. However, they acquired the services of Roy Fedden who designed many successful aero engines for them. He left Bristol in 1942 and designed another advanced car powered by a rear-mounted sleeve-valve radial engine. A prototype saloon was built in 1946.

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