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The Carrow was a substantial light car powered by a 1820 cc 4-cylinder Dorman engine in unit with a 3-speed gearbox, with shaft drive to a spiral bevel rear axle. Chassis records indicate that only the first 12 cars used the Dorman engine, after which the power unit is listed as a Carrow. It is likely the Carrow was assembled from components imported from P.M., or that the components were made under licence. Three body styles were shown at the Olympia Show in 1921, open 2 and 4 seaters and a saloon. A coupe was also listed in the advertising, most of the Carrows made had open 2 seater bodies, judging by surviving photographs. Carrow did not exhibit at Olympia again, in Ocotber 1923 Carrow ceased trading a month later P.M. became majority shareholders. Only one Carrow is thought to survive today.

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