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The grand-sounding C.F.B. Car Syndicate may have made no more than one car; certainly there was no serious production. It was a cyclecar powered by a 8hp air-cooled V-twin 1078cc Precision engine, driving through a friction transmission in which the driven disc slid up and down a cone, rather than across the face of another disc, as was more usual . From the disc, transmission was by bevel gears to a countershaft, and then by belts to the rear wheels. The frame was made of reinforced ash. The initials were those of Charles F. Beauvais who made another cyclecar, the Bow-V-Car in the same district and later became well known as the stylist for Avon bodies which transformed the appearance of Crossley and Standard cars in the 1930s.

Models produced by C.F.B.


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