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Fernand Charron was one of the first garage owners in Paris.  In 1897, he became a Panhard et Levassor dealer.  In 1901, Charron started a car factory together with two partners under the name of CGV.  The car looked like the big Panhard and was particularly popular among th wealthier racing drivers.  In 1902, no fewer than 76 cars were sold.  By 1905 this number had gone up to 265.  that same year, the company employed 400 people.  In 1906, CGV was sold to an English company.  Subsequently, the production of cars in France was stopped completely.  A total of 753 cars were sold under the name of CGV.  Charron made cars under his own name for the first time.  In 1908, however, the company was once again faced financial difficulties.  Charron was forced to sell his company again.  In the meantime, he had married car manufacturer Adolphe Clement's daughter ad was able to take over his father-in-law's car factory.  The factory mainly built small cars.  In 1926, customers could choose from four models.  These models did not sell very well either.  The last Charron was sold in 1930.

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