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The first car produced under the name of Chenard & Walcker was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1901.  The first model, a three-wheeler with a De Dion-engine, was a fiasco, but from 1901 onwards the situation improved.  The cars were not very sporty-looking.  This changed in 1922, when the factory introduced a model with a four-cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft.  In 1924, a real racing car with an eight-cylinder engine was introduced.  This so-called X-type was powered by a 3,492cc eight-in-line engine that delivered 130bhp. 

After 1928, no more races were run, as a result of which the make rapidly became less widely known.  In 1927, Chenard & Walcker merged with Delahaye, Unic, and Donnet.  The joint venture was to last until 1932.

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Models produced by Chenard-Walcker

14CV T8


Aigle 22




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