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For its first two years this company operated out of a henhouse belonging to Levi W. Flagg, who was in partnership with William E. Taft, former builder of the Taft steamer.  The company planned to make an electric car, but then turned to petrol, offering a roadster powered by an 18hp 2 cylinder engine for $500, or in kit form, for only $290.  Friction transmission was not unusual, but a centrally mounted steering column was, preceeding the McLaren F1 by nearly 90 years.  In 1908 they moved out of the henhouse into a purpose built factory, but bankruptcy ensued in 1911.  A new company, which may have operated alongside the Climax Electric Works, was the T & F Cyclcar Co. which supplied components to cyclecar manufacturers.  This business survived at least into 1915.

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