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This company was founded in 1894 to make a large traction engine, designed by Tom Cooper.  The idea of making motorcars appealed to Cooper and he designed a 2-cylinder 2-stroke gearbox and further chain drive to the rear wheels.  The production Cooper which was ready for the 1909 Olympia Show, had a 3260cc 4-cylinder engine, also a 2-stroke with piston valves, shaft drive to the 3-speed gearbox and to the rear wheels.  An auxiliary gearbox close to the rear axle gave a total of six forward speeds.

Only six Coopers were made, each differing in detail from the other.  One had a longer wheelbase to accommodate a large limousine body.  A tourer survives today, and is kept by the Cooper Roller Bearing Co. Ltd, descendants of Tom Cooper's company.

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