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This company was founded in 1903 to make motorcycles, although few, if any of these seem to have been made.  In 1904 car production began under the supervision of chief engineer Walter Iden, son of George Iden who had designed several cars for M.M.C. 

Two Coronets were made with an 8hp single and a 1hp 4-cylinder car with unusual firing order of 1, 2, 3, 4.  They were said to be of all-British manufacture except for the radiator, ignition coil and springs, which were imported from France.  In 1905 a further two 4-cylinder cars were made, a 12hp with gilled tube radiator and a 16/20hp with honeycomb radiator.  Both had shaft drive and rear entrance tonneau bodies.  The company was badly under financed and in 1906 the factory was taken over by Humber. 

Models produced by Coronet


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