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Cottin et Desgouttes


"The route from Paris to Beauvais, Abbeville, Saint-Riquier, Eu, Le Treport, Dieppe, Cany, Facamp, Etretat, Le Havre, Rouen and back is 580 km long.  With four people in the car plus their luggage we acheived a top speed of 90 kph (56mph).  The average speed over the entire distance was 65 kph (40 mph).  We eovered the 18km between Rouen and Pont-de-l'Arche in 15 minutes, which meant an average speed of 72 kph (45mph).  We used 17 litres of petrol and 1.5 litres of oil per 100 kilometres."  This is how the famous car reporter Charles Faroux described his journey in a Cottin et Descouttes in 1913.  The Cottin et Descouettes cars were built in Lyon.  The first model was introduced in Paris in 1905.  The factory built simple, but reliable four cylinder and six-cylinder engines.  From 1930 onwards, the company only built models with six-cylinder engines and independent front-wheel suspension.  In 1931, the make disappeared from the market for good.

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Models produced by Cottin et Desgouttes

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