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1898 - 1908 

In the summer of 1898 Max Cudell of Aachen obtained from Count de Dion the German licence for De Dion Bouton engines and motor tricycles, and these were soon being imported in significant quantities. Cudell advertised the engines as being suitable for: motor tricycles, motorcars, motor tandems, and motorboats, which they undoubtedly were. When the first De Dion Bouton petrol motorcar, the 3½hp vis-à-vis model, arrived on the scene towards the end of 1899 these were also imported and they proved to be as popular in Germany as they were in France and Britain.

Cudell maintained his close relationship with De Dion Bouton into 1904 but it is not entirely clear whether the later cars continued to be imports or were actually built in Aachen, since De Dion engines were still used. Additionally in 1904, production began in the Cudell works of some large cars of advanced design fitted with four-cylinder overhead-valve engines designed by Karl Slevogt but these did not aid the fortunes of the firm and it gradually turned to making boat engines and carburettors.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Models produced by Cudell

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