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Daimler (Gottlieb)


In 1883, Gottlieb Daimler introduced his first petrol engine.  Two years later, this engine, with its relatively high speed (900 rpm) was built into a bicycle.  Initially the engine delivered only 0.5 bhp, but once it had been boosted to 1 bhp Maybach built it into a small coach.  In 1889, Daimler introduced his 'Stahlradwagen' ('steel-wheeled car') at the motor show in Paris.  This vehicle is considered to be the first Daimler 'car'.   Two years later, the first Daimler with a four-cylinder engine was introduced.  Emile Jellinek, a rich businessman from Nice, bought one of these cars, but found the power too limited.  He contacted Daimler, they became friends and he later became a director of the company and importer for France, Austria and the USA.

The cars ordered by Jellinek were named after his daughter, Mercedes.  From 1902, all passenger cars were sold under the Mercedes.  Lorries and buses kept the Daimler name.

Models produced by Daimler (Gottlieb)

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