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Nothing is known about Monsieur Augé prior to his appearing on the motoring scene in 1897 when he unveiled a parallel two-cylinder horizontal engine of his own design. Somewhat more is known about Daniel Augé motorcars (the full name was used for the Company and its cars) since they are described in period literature. Nevertheless, it was the arrival of a unique survivor in veteran car circles in the early 1980s that rescued the make from obscurity.

The first engines had hot-tube ignition, heated from a single burner, and M Augé named them 'Cyclope' after the one-eyed giants of Greek mythology who were also noted as skilled craftsmen. Even when electric ignition was later used, the name was retained. A Daniel Augé car first appeared in 1898, rear-engined and patterned on a Russian troika. Production models were slightly more prosaic though of considerable charm; with the Cyclope engine in front, crankcase to the fore, belt-drive to a gearbox, and side-chain drive. Vertical engines were also available before the abrupt cessation of business during 1901.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Models produced by Daniel Augé

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