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Davrian cars first came about in 1965/66 when Adrian Evans constructed his first car for competition use. It was a rather crude affair, made from plywood and fibreglass. Mechanicals came from the Hillman Imp that Evans had crashed into a wall. Like the Imp, the car had its engine in the back and utilised many other Imp components too. By 1967, commercial production of the Davrian started in kit form, the company operating from Clapham, London. Customers were split into three categories really – some bought it for racing and so the cars were very light, some went rallying and so got a heavier sturdier car and if they wanted a road car then that was somewhere in the middle. Alongside a move to Wales, development continued through the 1970s with improved versions doing better and better both on road and off. In 1980, the Mk8 was released and although never sold as a complete car, could be ordered in various stages of build. By now the company was struggling and although Evans tried other projects, it all went belly up in 1983. The Corry Car Co. of Northern Ireland bought the assets but all they did was complete outstanding orders of the MK8. Altogether, 500 vehicles were made. And so another specialist British car manufacturer bit the dust – and as we know it certainly wasn’t the last.

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