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De Bazelaire


The De Bazelaire car plant was established in the Rue  Gager-Gabillot in Paris.  The make existed from 1907 to 1928.  Most of the cars were intended for racing.  At this time, all Grand Prix cars had a second seat for a mechanic who would ride along.  So all that was needed to make these into passenger cars was to bolt on mudguards.  De Bazelaire made its debut in July 1908 during the Coupe de l'Auto race.  The cars on the starting grid for this race were powered by an engine consisting of two cylinder blocks. 

From 1910, models with a six-cylinder engine were also built.  The intake valves were in the cylinder head and the outlet valves in the cast-iron engine block.  After the First World War, the factory took to using the 2.1 litre S.C.A.P. engine, but this brought them little fame.

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Models produced by De Bazelaire

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