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1900 - 1906

Although Monsieur Henri Deckert appeared on the motoring scene in the latter part of 1897, and his name occurs here and there for the next ten years, little is known about him or the various motor vehicles that carried his name. His first advertisements appeared in October 1897 when he stated that he bought, sold, and exchanged "Automobiles, Motorcycles, and 'Aurore' Cycles", repaired De Dion Bouton tricycles, and that his premises in the Boulevard Haussmann had the facility to charge electric accumulators. There are later references to him improving the performance of engines and the making of motorcycles fitted with his 'tuned' power units. He also made some cars, one of which, a 20hp model, he drove in the 1902 Circuit du Nord and the Circuit des Ardennes races. Deckert had a stand at the early French motor shows, he moved to the Rue Bacon around 1901, and was still advertising his talent for the "Transformation de Moteurs" in 1905. The only known surviving Deckert motorcar is an 8hp example dating from 1902.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Models produced by Deckert

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