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Delaunay-Belleville was an automobile manufacturer from Saint-Denis, France. At the beginning of the 20th century they were among the most prestigious cars produced in the world, and perhaps the most desirable French marque.

Julien Belleville had been a maker of marine boilers from around 1850. Louis Delaunay  joined the firm in 1867 and married the owner's daughter and both he and the firm changed their name to Delaunay-Belleville and succeeded Julien to become in charge of the company.  The first car was exhibited at the 1904 Paris Salon and in 1906 SA des Automobiles Delaunay Belleville was formed to look after car manufacture.

Most of the models were powered by inline-six engines, with a few four cylinder engines. A pressurized system of pumps and oil ways for lubrication was one of the first of its kind, most cars of the day having a drip system.

By the late 1920s the Delaunay-Belleville had lost its prestige and converted to truck and military vehicles production. In 1936 the previously separate car company was merged with the Delaunay Belleville parent. The factory was sold to Robert de Rovin in 1946 and used to make minicars.

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