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The D.F.P. make is named after the founders of the company: Auguste Doriot, Ludovic Flandrin and Alexandre and Jules-Rene Parnat.  Their first products were sold under the name of Doriot-Flandrin.  The company's name was changed to D.F.P. in 1908, when the Parant brothers joined.  The factory supplied cheap cars with one or four-cylinder engines.  From 1912, W.O. Bentley and his brother represented the make in England.  Bentley used the D.F.P. in races, which proved to be an effective means of advertising.  A lot of cars were exported to England.  After the First World War, Bentley became increasingly involved with his own cars.  D.F.P. slowly but surely disappeared from the English market.  In France, however, sales continued, but profits fell.  In 1926, the directors decided to close the factory in Courbevoie.

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