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In 1901, Zurcher and Luthi of Switzerland started a factory making motorcycle engines.  These were sold under the name of Zedel.  In 1906, the pair built their first car under the same name.  The factory did not produce many cars.  When the First World War broke out in 1914, a total of between 300 and 400 cars had been sold.  In 1918, the Zedel make was taken over by another Swiss, Donnet.  From then on, the cars were sold under the name Donnet-Zedel.  In 1927, Donnet's factory relocated to Nanterre, and the make just became known as Donnet.  The last car rolled off the production line in 1933.  In 1935, the Company was sold to Simca.

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Models produced by Donnet-Zedel

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