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The brothers Charles and Frederic Dufaux became interested in racing at an early age and as young men in their twenties were looking for a car in which to win the famous Gordon Bennett race.  This was no easy task in those days, however, and this led to them to build their own racing car.  The model consisted of little more than a chassis, an engine and two bucket seats.  The eight-in-line engine had no less than 12,760cc and delivered 80 bhp at 1300 rpm.  The brothers won a race in Geneva over a distance of one kilometre at an average speed of 72 mph (115 kph).  A subsequent model was given a four-cylinder engine, this time with 26,400cc.  The massive engine delivered more than 150 bhp. 

In 1906, a number of cars with smaller four-cylinder with 120 bhp was also included in the range.  The brothers called a halt to their terribly expensive hobby in 1907. 

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