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The DuPont make is not really known these days.  Nevertheless, these were marvellous cars, of which some 537 were built.  The first of these, the A model, was made in the factory in Wilmingdon in 1919.  Constructor Paul DuPont developed a four-cylinder side-valve engine with a capacity of slightly more than 4.0 litres specially for this car.  He soon realised that it was much cheaper to use an existing engine, so this one experiment remained unique.  DuPont's cars were of an especially high quality.  In 1921, the model B was introduced.  A total of 48 of these cars were sold.  In 1927, the C was succeeded by the model D.  The last DuPonts, model H, had an eight-cylinder engine made by Continental.  Unfortunately, the DuPont make did not survive the crisis of the '30s.  In February 1933, a bankruptcy petition was submitted. 

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Models produced by DuPont

Models G/H

Models G/H


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