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William Durant (1861-1947), one of the founders of the General Motors concern, built cars under his own name from 1921 onwards.  However, these models were not really anything special, although they sold quite well.  As early as in 1923, the 100th car rolled off the production line.  By 1929, the range consisted of four basic models, namely the 4-40, containing a 36 bhp four cylinder engine and the 6-60, 6-66 and 6-70 containing a six-cylinder engine delivering 43, 47 and 65 bhp respectively.  In spite of the completeness of the range, however, sales were disappointing.  The approaching crises naturally played a considerable role in this.  In 1929, 47,716 cars were sold.  By 1930, this number had fallen to 21,440 and in 1931 7,229 cars found customers ready to buy.  When in 1932, only 1,135 cars could be produced, Durant was forced to sell his company.

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