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Before the Second World War, some fifty manufacturers were embarking upon an automobile adventure in Switzerland alone.  Some of these companies existed only for a few days, but others survived for considerably longer.  One of the latter was Rudolf Egg.  Engineer Rudolf Egg (1866-1939) built a car for his own use in 1893.  The first production car made by the company was a three-wheeler powered by a De Dion engine.  This car was so good it was quickly being built under licence by various Swiss companies.  In 1899, the factory produced its first four-wheeler.  In 1904, Egg moved from Zurich to Wollishofen.  From that moment on, the company was known as 'Motorwagenfabriek Excelsior'.  The first models bore a strong resemblance, both in terms of bodywork and technology, to the Oldsmobile Curved Dash. 

Egg went on to build several other models and was also involved in the development of the first Swiss aircraft engines.  After the First World War, however, he would up the company and became a Renault dealer in Zurich.

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