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1963 - 1966

Paul Emery was an ingenious special builder who was the only constructor, apart from Ferrari, to make cars (called Emerysons) for the first four Championship formulae.  He was also involved in two production car efforts, both in 1964.

One was the Dart, an aluminium coupe built on a Minivan floorpan which had a longer wheelbase than a Mini.  The idea was productionized as both the Mini-Marcos and the Mini-Jem.  The other was the Emery GT which was a mid-engined GT coupe with a spaceframe, all independent suspension and Hillman Imp running gear.  The prototype had an aluminium body (and was very successful in racing) while the three production cars had fibreglass bodies bonded to the spaceframe.  Production ceased due to the death of Emery's backer.

Source: The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile


Models produced by Emery

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