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Emscote Motor Co., Ltd. Warwick 1920 - 1921

The Emscote was an unusual light car with frameless construction, unit engine and gearbox and front suspension by a single transverse semi-elliptic leaf spring, with the axle, pivoted at the centre.  Two engines were offered, an 8/10hp V-twin J.A.P. or an 11.9hp 4 cylinder Alpha. 

The company ordered 500 gearboxes from D.M.K.  Marendaz, who built 260 before he realised that Emscote sales would not even justify that number, had to cut his losses. 

The number of Emscotes made is not known possibly only 10 or 20.  One of the partners was Seelhaft, who later went into business with Marendaz to make the Marseal. 

Models produced by Emscote

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