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In total, Belgium has had some 140 makes of car produced within its borders.  In most cases, the first model never even made it beyond the prototype stage, but there were also factories, such as the 'Fabrique National d'Armes de Guerre', or F.N. for short, which lasted a great deal longer.  In 1895, FN produced F.N. produced mainly bicycles, although the first 954cc Voiturette was produced in 1897.  Before the war, F.N. built 26 different models.  In 1902, the wheel was placed at an angle for the first time.  As with virtually all pre-war car manufacturers, F.N. also built sports and racing cars.  The F.N. driven by George and Mathot completed a distance of 2.323 kilometres at an average speed of 61 mph (96.830 kph).  During the '30s, the European market was flooded with cheap American cars.  Many European makes, including F.N., lost out in the fierce competition.  The last F.N. passenger car was produced in the factory in Herstal close to Liege in 1935.  From that point, the company specialised in the production of lorries and busses.

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