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Ford (France)


Henry Ford extended his activities in 1934 by entering the French market.  He entered into co-operation with Emile Mathis who had built small cars in Strasbourg since 1898.  The result was a Matford, an American style car with a V8 engine.  The relationship did not resume in 1945 after the war.  Ford moved production to a second factory in Poissy on the Seine where the first saloon cars were built in 1947.  The resulting Ford Vedette was very modern for its time with streamlined "fastback" designed by Bob Gregorie in Detroit. 

The drivers Trilland and Simille broke several records at the Montlhery circuit in the summer of 1952, including that of the 10,000 kilometre race with a fastest lap of 106 mph.  Sales shot up as a result of this success. 

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