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The name Cyclecar is a combination of the words 'motorcycle' and 'motorcar'.  The small, narrow Cyclecars combined the price of a motorcycle with the comfort of a car.  Such vehicles were very popular before and immediately after the First World War, particularly in England and France.  Factories making Cyclecars sprung up everywhere.  Messrs H.R. Godfrey and Archie Frazer-Nash also produced these vehicles.  The first G.N.s were built in a shed behind his mother's house in Hendon.  It was only in 1922 that the cars were fitted with a starting handle beneath the radiator.  The same year, a model with doors was introduced.  These innovations failed to tempt customers into the showroom, however.  The era of the Cyclecar had definitely passed.  People preferred to buy an Austin or a Model T Ford, which offered greater comfort at a lower price.  Godfrey and Frazer-Nash sold their company in 1923.  From then on, Frazer-Nash built sports cars under his own name and Godfrey founded the H.R.G. make together with Halford and Robbins.

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