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Gordon (Cheshire)


1954 - 1958

Developed after the parent company's experiences producing the ViCar invalid carriage, the Gordon was designed by Erling Poppe of Sunbeam motorycle fame. The vehicle was to be a very simple economy 3-wheeler with the lowest possible cost of ownership: Indeed it was Britain's cheapest car, costing just over £300.  It used a Villiers 197cc single-cylinder engine mounted outside the main bodywork in a little 'pouch' of its own on the offside.  This in turn meant that there was only one door to get in by - on the passenger's side.  The bodywork was made of steel featuring a folding roof and early cars had optional rear hammock seats.  Drive was transmitted to only one of the rear wheels by chain.

Source: The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile 

Models produced by Gordon (Cheshire)

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