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In 1903, the French company 'Automobiles Gregoire' predominately manufactured car engines, but in 1940 the company's first car was introduced.  The design was not really special, but the make was immediately recognisable by its pear-shaped radiator.  The company made cars with single, two and four cylinder engines. Gregoire car models are Gregoire Sport 1960 France.Gregoire France, Gregoire
Sport 1960 France.

In 1911, a six cylinder engine and a four-cylinder sleeve-valve engine were added to the range.  The Gregoire make never sold in vast quantities.  In 1913, for example, only 500 cars were produced by the factory on the Boulevard Devaux in Poissy.  In comparison Peugeot sold some 5,000 cars that year.  After the First World War, Gregoire introduced its first car with a modern overhead-valve engine.  Although the engine was only a 2.3 litre, this sporty car could reach a top speed of 62 mph (100 kph).  The financial results were disappointing however.  By 1923, Gregoire was only producing engines for the Bignan make.  The factory closed down for good in 1924.

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Models produced by Gregoire

Sport Cabriolet


Sport Coupe


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