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The GTM marque was launched in 1967 when Cheshire garage owner Bernard Cox and friend Jack Hosker created the Cox GTM (Grand Touring Mini). They were based in Hazel Grove, Stockport.

In 1968 they were taken over by Howard Heerey who renamed them to Simply GTM. Due to road widening they sold the Company in 1972 to a Hartlepool Fibreglass Co. They did nothing with the moulds etc, and sold them on in 197 to KMB Autosports who produced some spare parts, but no cars.

In 1980 it was sold again to Peter Beck, Paddy Fitch and Dougal Cowper, who produced more models, such as the Rossa, K3 and Libra.

In 2003 GTM Cars was bought by RDM Group, who continued with the Libra and the convertible Spyder.

At the end of 2007, GTM was bought by Potenza Sports Cars, owners of Westfield Sports cars, who have recently discontinued the Libra, due to, they claim, the lack of Rover parts.

They are hoping to release a new model under the GTM brand in the future.

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