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1901 - 1906

Durham, Churchill & Co. Ltd., Sheffield, Yorkshire

They built a car for the 1901 Agricultrual Hall Show in London.  It was powered by a 7hp single-cylinder Simms engine and its design was a mixture of the progressive and the obselete.  The 2-speed gearbox was in constant mesh, with the aid of two Champion clutches, so that gear changing was by actuating either of the clutches rather than sliding the gear wheels.  In 1902 two engine sizes were offered 6, and 12hp, but the centre-pivot axle was not replaced until 1903, when the Simms engine gave way to Durham Churchill's own.  These were in two sizes a 2078cc 10hp twin and a 4156cc 20hp four, the latter using two 10hp blocks on a common crankcase.  Aster 12 and 24hp engines were used in 1906, but this was the last year for passenger car production.  Charabancs and trucks were continued under the name Churchill until 1925.  Car production was largely to special order and very limited.  No more than 40 were made in five years, and each took two months to complete, though two were often built at the same time. 

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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